Training Programs and More

Private Lessons


Customized sessions to work on problem areas or fine tune existing training. Number of sessions depends on owner's goals and rate at which dog learns. Behavioral problems are also addressed. 

Basic Obedience Course


Six weekly lessons at owner's home. Owner is responsible for homework between sessions. The dog (and owner) will learn loose leash walking, impulse control,  boundaries, sit, down, wait, stay, drop, leave it, off, out and come. 

Puppy Training


Get started on the right track with a 2 hour Puppy Session to go over all the basics such as house training, bite inhibition and beginning commands. Early training makes a huge difference in future behavior.  

Day Camp Training


The perfect solution for busy but knowledgeable owners who want to send the dog to the trainer's house for the day to work on specific training areas or in home manners. (Only dogs social with children and other pets will be accepted. Not for dogs with serious behavioral issues.) 

Rent a Friend


Doggy daycare with the trainer's dog, Piper. Perfect for young dogs who need a good romp or hike with another dog and maybe a brush up on in-home manners. Dog will be picked up by trainer and returned home tired and happy. Only pre-screened social dogs allowed. 

Intermediate and Advanced


For the owner and canine who have already mastered basic obedience. (An evaluation is required to determine level of control.) Heavy emphasis placed on boundaries as well as attention and response during high level distractions.

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Service Dog Training


Beginning training for future service dogs (kids with autism and more) and emotional support dogs. (Additional training may be required by another source.) 

Temperament Testing


Get a trainer before the dog! This option is for owners that would like assistance in choosing the right dog or puppy for their family and lifestyle. 

Group Dog Hikes


Get together with other dog owners for exercise and socializing. Most group hikes are free and led by Jen Davenport. 

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