Puppy Training


When to start training?

People often wonder when the best time is to start training their puppy. Training should take place immediately. Don't wait for bad behavior to occur before you call a dog trainer. Knowing what to do as your puppy grows and transitions from one stage to another will help you avoid future problems.  


Beginning In-Home Puppy Session

A 2 hour session to go over all puppy training basics, including house training, crate training, health, puppy proofing, socialization, bite inhibition, how to play properly, setting up a schedule, beginning training, personality evaluation, chewing, nipping and more.


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Testimonial from Courtney D.

"Jennifer is the perfect trainer for our sweet but shy Labradoodle puppy. She is so patient and really cares about helping our dog get over some of her anxiety issues. Her technique in training is through positive reinforcement which our dog really responds to well. Our dog was able to sit and stay just after one session! Jen also believes it is important to involve our six-year old daughter in some of the training sessions. This has resulted in the dog respecting our daughter, and our daughter gaining more responsibility with the dog." 

Puppy training info and videos

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