Service Dog Training


Beginning Service Dog in Training

Purchasing an already trained service dog can be quite costly and some families are unable to afford this route. I offer as much early training and socializing as possible while getting the families involved right away. I start by choosing and/or evaluating the dog or puppy to be used as a service dog. Sessions take place in the owner's home and in public locations. Training is done by both myself and the owner(s). *Additional task training may need to be outsourced.


Children with Autism

Service dogs provide a sense of comfort for children with autism as well as help them improve communication skills,  provide stability when they get overwhelmed and give them a sense of independence. I help train the dogs to assist the children, as well as the parents, in a variety of ways.

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Emotional Support Animal (ESA)

Emotional Support Animals give support through comfort, the ability to calm the person, and to generally provide company. Excellent obedience and social skills are important to qualify a dog as an ESA. *They do not have the same rights as a trained Service Dog.* 

I offer temperament testing and training (as well as a referral for CGC testing) to individuals  with a diagnosis from a doctor.