Bite Prevention and Pet Education Seminars

Safety Around Dogs for our Kids

Nearly 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year, half of these being children. One in five dog bites results in injuries serious enough to require medical attention. The rate of dog bite-related injuries is highest among children 5-9 years old. Many of these bites occur by the family dog or the dog of a friend or family member.

My Bite Prevention and Pet Education seminar teaches children basic safety tips, how to read a dog's body language to know when the dog is receptive to being pet, how to ask for permission to pet a dog, how to approach the dog, what to do if a dog is running towards them, what games are safe to play with their dog, and more.

My program is informative, interactive and entertaining. It directly benefits children who have dogs in their lives as well as children that have a fear of dogs.

As a mother of school-age children, I cannot stress enough how beneficial this seminar is. I see children all the time hugging dogs that don't want to be hugged, running when a dog barks at them or chases them, or putting their faces right into a dog's face at the inappropriate time. Let's keep our kids safe!

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